Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Training & Staff Services:
Cairo Poultry Processing Company (CPPC), Koki is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility. We invest heavily in the development of our human resources, by providing employee training programs and staff services.  We believe that a committed and satisfied workforce is critical to maintaining workforce morale, and achieving optimum performance.  Therefore, we are proud to provide the following for our workforce and professionals:
  • Specialized training programs, including On-The-Job training, is offered to staff at different levels, in cooperation with qualified international and local firms.
  • Management staff is provided with technical training programs to enhance their professional expertise and skills.
  • Staff canteens provide nutritionally complete meals.
  • Laundry services are provided to all staff.
  • A Fellowship Fund ensures financial support for workforce members.
  • Stringent operational health and safety procedures are applied in all our facilities.

Environmental Sustainability
The Cairo Poultry Processing Company (CPPC), Koki is also committed to ensuring that all of our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.  We implement technologies and processes that ensure the minimum environmental impact, including installing wastewater treatment facilities, vapor condensers, responsible solid-waste disposal processes, and energy conservation techniques.
  • Liquids
    • Wastewater treatment units in both 10th of Ramadan and Nubaria facilities.
    • Plantation of 45 hectares using treated wastewater.
  • Solids
    • Rendering units in both 10th of Ramadan and Nubaria facilities.
    • Condenser units to absorb vapors of rendering units in both facilities.
    • Boilers fueled by natural gas
    • Vapors
    • Energy

Animal Welfare
The Cairo Poultry Processing Company (CPPC) believes in the human treatment of animals.  We strive to ensure that all animals are cared for in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.  Accordingly, we have implemented the following:
  • Specially equipped trucks for the transportation of live birds.
  • Special air-conditioned waiting areas for live birds.
  • Comfortable, safe and hygienic poultry ranches and hatcheries.
  • Special lighting conditions and partitioning for a humane slaughtering process.

Social Development Support
Community involvement is another aspect of our dedication to corporate social responsibility.  We are committed to assisting in the development and support of local communities in need, whether through investment, funding, support or the provision of much needed services and products.  Our community support initiatives include the following:
  • Providing funding and support to several orphanages and community development associations.
  • Contributing to nutritional programs in schools located in less developed areas.
  • Buying supplies produced by organizations that employ people with special needs.
  • Providing free on-the-job training to undergraduates in Veterinary Medicine