Industrial Facilities

CPPC maintains a range of technologically advanced production facilities for the processing of both poultry and beef products.
• Slaughterhouse A: Poultry and Meat processing facilities are located in 10th of Ramadan industrial city.
• Slaughterhouse B poultry processing facility is located in Nubaria industrial zone.
• Slaughtering Capacity: 75 million birds / year • Value-Added Beef production capacity: 15,000 tons/year
• Value-Added Chicken production capacity: 40,000 tons/ year
• 6 Production lines in total:
• 4 Value Added Chicken production lines
• 2 Value-Added Meat production lines
• Freezing & Storage Capacity of 5,000 tons
• Total Number of Employees: 1,377 Permanent, Full-time employees & 1,000 Short term staff