Our Presence

Incomparable Services
Based on sound market research, consumer needs assessments and our extensive experience in sales and distribution, CPPC has developed a marketing strategy that aims to:
  1. Provide maximum access to our products at all sales points.
  2. Provide maximum market coverage.
  3. Innovate and offer affordable and nutritious products that meet consumer needs.
We operate a vast distribution network that covers over 90 percent of retail freezing capacity nationwide.  Our extensive distribution network is served by over 700 direct and indirect sales team members, and over 400 specially equipped refrigerated trucks covering thousands of supermarkets and grocers nationwide. Our effective distribution network is enhanced by the use of modern display methods in all sales points, including customized display refrigerators.
We have five Regional Offices (East & West Cairo, Delta, Canal Zone, Alex, U/E); three Distribution points: Al Asher, Al Obour, and Al Haram; as well as 20 specialized Koki outlets.
As a rapidly growing competitor in global markets successfully supplying over 30 countries GSC, North and South Africa, we rely on our Export Department's understanding of international market needs to expand our international market outreach even further in the coming period.