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As a result of continuing and expanding consumer trust in the Koki brand over the years, Koki is currently leading the Egyptian chicken market with over 41 percent of the total chicken market, and over 67 percent of Value Added products.  We are proud to say that Koki is Egypt’s leading brand in all market segments.
Americana meat has also managed, in a very short period of time, to achieve 14 percent market share of the total frozen meat market, and 18 percent market share in the beef burger markets (one of the major segments in the beef products category).
Since CPPC was founded in 1992 it has managed to gain the trust of an impressive array of International Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains operating in Egypt.  We are currently the main suppliers for the following QSR chains in Egypt:

This in addition to a large number of local QSR chains like Herffy and Gourmet.