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Koki Crunchy Meals : A newly extended line of koki bone-in range which differs in both taste and texture. It provides extra crunchiness to the Chicken Drumstick , Chicken Wings and the Koki Fried Meal. 
Each Meal has a free fries pack.

- Koki Crunchy: A newly introduced extended line of Koki Value Added, which differs in both taste and texture. Koki Crunchy range provides consumers with extra crunchiness and a very special after taste of chicken pane and chicken nuggets that come both in regular and spicy flavors. Moreover the line has been extended and there is now bone in chicken pieces in addition to the chicken pane and chicken nuggets.
- Americana Premium Cold cuts: The latest merging line of Americana Premium, introducing to the Egyptian market a premium taste of chilled cold cuts which have been highly demanded by consumers. Our cold cuts have been manufactured perfectly to insure consumer maximum satisfaction by holding a wide range of cold cuts such Beef Salami slices, Smoked Turkey Breast slices, Turkey Pastrami slices, Beef Pepperoni slices and Smoked Chicken Breast slices. 
- Koki Veggie Mix: The latest innovation introduced by Koki in the category of Koki’s Value-Added range. The new range ultimately meets our consumers’ special preference toward attaining a vegetarian range of products. Without any animal ingredients added, Koki Veggie Mix provides consumers with four main special products which are Vegetables Kobeba, Potato Nuggets, Vegetables Spring Rolls and finally Vegetarian Burger.