Koki Value-Added

Koki Value-Added is one of Koki’s widest ranges served by two different production lines. Our Competitive Advantage lies in the product variations served to consumers, in addition to our exceptional knowhow in the manufacturing of flavors and marination customized to meet our consumers’ expectations. All Koki Value-Added products are Consumer-Oriented, Convenient, and Ready to eat in minutes. Our chicken range is divided into two main categories; Bone-In and Bone-Less Value Added products. Koki Value-Added consists of three main lines which are Koki Original, Koki Tasty Mix and Koki Veggie Mix.
a. Koki Original: The Original Koki Value-Added sub-brand which is composed of different Fried and Grilled chicken Value-Added products. This special category of Value Added processed chicken is famous for its delicious Chicken texture, Breading and Seasoning. 

b. Koki Veggie Mix: The latest innovation introduced by Koki in the category of Koki’s Value-Added sub-brands. Koki Veggie Mix caters to the growing consumer trend for vegetarian products. It offers different vegetarian products without any added animal ingredients. The sub-brand has been successful at fulfilling our consumers’ special preferences at an excellent level of quality.